........A sad moment when you realize your dreams have no air and the plont of you desire has to soil at this moment of realization your spirit shrinks into itself to bear the cold space of life...........
e tú brute!


When nothing is left
When you are alone,
or when sadness comes along with fear.
Life doesn´t mean anything without you,
and space is only a tear falling of my cheek.
Loneliness that’s all, that’s all I can think of.
Death is coming quiet and fast.
When he´s here there´s nothing to do.
Nothing only death.

Camila Quintero Vélez

Is hard to open your eyes and see the truth,flor.jpeg
That you are inside a house without walls,
Truths are lies,
Trust is a dream,
When you wake up,
You fell pain,
You fell hurt,
All the truths are wounds,
Especially when a friend betrayal you,
You wish get back into the dream,
Where he was a friend and loyal to you.

Maria Isabel Hidalgo

I have been making the same mistake
over an over again
trying to make dreams come true
but every attempt of doing so
is making me weak
a stab in my back
made by a friend
or by my girl
they are deadly dreams
that end making my heart of stone
no feelings no thoughts
ready to take revenge

Carlos Fernando Paternina